Praise for Alistair Rennie and BleakWarrior

He’s a powerful new writer you may not have heard of, but one I think you’ll know better in the coming years. Without having any wish to start a new moment or movement, I’d call him kind of “Next Weird.” His work is transgressive and hard-edged and yet sometimes also experimental, while the influences seem to be everything from, well, authors typified as New Weird to mainstream literary to graphic novels.

– Jeff VanderMeer, Nebula award winning author of the Southern Reach trilogy

With characters like Head Wrecker, Smart Brutality, and The Piper Who Calls the Tune, Alistair Rennie’s BleakWarrior is so full of hooks, it is probably illegal. If this isn’t the first highly collectible book of a craved-after series, may every steel blade in the world be turned into cotton candy.

– Anna Tambour, author of Crandolin

BleakWarrior is a hell of an impressive feat of imagination. I’ve not read a book dedicated to conjuring death, violence, and inappropriate sex in such spectacularly gory variety, and it’s all done with consummate, if maniacal, precision by a skilled wordsmith.

– Neil Williamson, author of The Moon King

How do I describe BleakWarrior when there is nothing else like BleakWarrior? What is BleakWarrior, and why? I can always resort to the common critical shorthand of listing authors in the same general ballpark . . . China Miéville, Molly Tanzer, Jack Vance, Ed Dorn, Jeffrey Thomas, Alan Moore, Jesse Bullington, K. J. Bishop, Anna Tambour, Gilles Deleuze, Fritz Leiber. I can offer a tagline and say it’s as if Clark Ashton Smith and Michel Foucault had first told the story of the X-Men as a philosophical/transgressive secondary world epic awash from one end to the other in pussy juice and gore. I can say truthfully that reading “The Gutter Sees the Light That Never Shines,” the portion of this novel published eight years ago in the VanderMeers’ anthology The New Weird was a turning point in my own decision to have a serious go at fiction. Rennie’s writing is that fresh and powerful. It will make you think strange thoughts. It will make you do weird things. It makes me think Alistair Rennie might just be the Cuisinart Hat Rack come to unite the Weird and lead us all through clouds of orange spice to the Uncompromised Land in a single giant Leap of Cynosure. What else can I say? Follow him and experience Bleakwarrior in all its true mad glory.

– Scott Nicolay, World Fantasy Award winning author of Ana Kai Tangata: Tales of the Outer the Other the Damned and the Doomed

BleakWarrior is flabbergasting Black Metal New Weird that opens on thundering Wagnerian strokes that quickly mirror GWAR in scope, tone, and bass. Manichaean, Nag Hammadi level mythology going on here. I wish my old pal Phil Farmer was still alive to read this. It’s totally his bag. It is Science Fantasy in power-chords, and you will be too busy trying not to snarf whatever you were inhaling, imbibing, or swallowing to put it down. Rennie delivers.

– Edward Morris, author of the Blackguard series

With this seething tour-de-force, Alistair Rennie rightfully comes and sits with today’s most notable storytellers by the campfire of The Weird, offering uncompromising readers his magnificent visions and memorable language.

– Joseph S. Pulver, Sr., author of A House of Hollow Wounds


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