In 2008, Ann and Jeff VanderMeer published The New Weird. The wildest story of the collection was a story titled “The Gutter Sees The Light That Never Shines”, by newcomer Alistair Rennie. That story is now the second chapter of BleakWarrior, one of the wildest books I’ve ever had the pleasure of reading. Ultra-violence, depraved sexuality, black humor and philosophy swirl together to flesh out bones made from an alloy of Highlander, GWAR, Mortal Kombat, and Vance’s Dying Earth. MetaHumans are borderline sociopathic superhumans in a secondary fantasy world, where they are compelled to seek each other out for annihilation. With names like Welter of Impermanence, The Sisters of No Mercy, The Ever Decreasing Circle of Choice, Whorefrost, and the Sons of Brawl, this is the most metal book I’ve ever read. I could not recommend this book more.”

– Justin Steele, Strange Aeons

BleakWarrior is literature to the Nth degree. It’s a work by someone who is hopelessly infatuated with the ‘lower’ genres but whose love and enthusiasm for them is filtered through a mature intelligence and a respect for and knowledge of the art of fiction. The obvious clue of the ‘Meta’-Warriors gives that detached postmodern element to all the craziness. READ MORE>

– Teodor Reljic, Soft Disturbances

A race of super-humans leaps through time and space in search of ultra-violent battles and super-kinky sex in this sordid tale that your hosts enjoyed far more than they should have.”  – HEAR MORE>

– Bad Books for Bad People (Podcast)

Alistair Rennie’s BleakWarrior is like if Soul Calibur were a porno directed by Jodorowsky. And it is also like if there was an x-rated Highlander vs. Mortal Kombat comic book drawn by Simon Bisley during an existential crisis. READ MORE>

– Jack Guignol, Tales of the Grotesque and Dungeonesque

Lord Brawl in rampant soliloquy, with the simple need to inflict suffering, a parallel for our meta-cybernetic times? He has sent in his numbered clueless bastard sons upon the in-flagrante BleakWarrior, with LB thus imposing a would-be sort of slaughter for its own sake, a flashmob that roams in his name, but now LB gathers more elementary forces to wreak vengeance for those sons who have become spear-carriers, with the emission of the most eviscerating, philosophically-tortured soliloquy you will ever hear ranted, or at least read by you as text here but with his rant embedded irresistibly inside your head. Shakespeare could not have done it better. Seriously. READ MORE>

– Des Lewis, Gestalt Real-Time Reviews

This is foot to the metal, balls-out, foaming at the mouth prose and yet at the same time lush dense verbiage that deserves to be fondled and savoured. How Rennie achieves such a dichotomy is beyond me. This is not for the squeamish or prudish – there is much gratuitous violence and even more gratuitous sex. It is also a book that you need to put your brain in another gear before reading – but what a pleasure it is once you are on the same plane. READ MORE>

– Pete Sutton, Bristol Book Blog

Emphatically not a minimalist literary mode, Rennie’s style nonetheless allows him to incorporate a post-modern approach to this crazy mélange. It’s all about pummeling the reader with concepts and images that will etch themselves in the brain, while short-circuiting our expectations of certain genres that we have come to take for granted. Pick up the book if you’d like to have your brain re-wired, and your experience of familiar genres similarly re-jigged. READ MORE>

– Vida Magazine

It’s got sex, graphic violence, quirky badasses and colorful madmen with slightly silly nom de guerres, black humor, and the occasional faux-Shakespearean soliloquy. It’s Sword & Sorcery remade for the post-anime and videogame world. READ MORE>

– From the Sorcerer’s Skull